Estoril Books 50 years on…

Estoril Books 50 years on…

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Lost and Found in Johannesburg.
By Ted Botha

“I must confess that I’d never read much of Mark Gevisser before someone at work in New York brought me this book because it had Johannesburg in the title and I was a South African. They thought I’d relate”.

He hung around (probably a bit too much for his own good, as you’ll see as you get into the book) Estoril Books and the Three Sisters Cafe in Hillbrow, an area he sketches with loving detail, and then instead of doing military service fled to America, where he studied at Yale

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A Bohemian Rhapsody, with schwarma.
By Laurice Taitz

“Find the new Bohemia. In the July edition of Vanity Fair Christopher Hitchens has written a piece entitled “Last Call, Bohemia” in which he says that every successful society needs its Bohemia — a haven for artists, thinkers, professional soaks, bibliophiles and book stores, exiles, poets, ladies of easy virtue and the men who need them, deviants and misfits, insomniacs and the restaurants or bars that are always ready to serve them”.

In the late 70’s and early 1980’s Hillbrow was that place – with its late night cafes and restaurants, music stores and bookshops. Then, you could venture out after 10pm to secure the latest copies of otherwise difficult-to-find international magazine titles at Estoril and eat a memorable schwarma next door.

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1980 – Rand Daily Mail – Triple bravo for Brel.
By Laurika Rauch

“Raeford Daniel skryf ook oor Encore Brel! by die Chelseateater in die Chelsea-hotel aan die bo-punt van Esselenstraat in Hillbrow”.

Dit was die dae toe jy na die vertoning in Hillbrow kon rondloop en ‘n koppie koffie by die Café Wien kon gaan drink, of ‘n draai maak by Estoril Books of die Fontana. Dit was ook die Hillbrow waarvan Johannes Kerkorrel ‘n dekade later sou sing.

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Voëlvry: The Movement that Rocked South Africa.
By Pat Hopkins, Koos Kombuis, Lloyd Ross

In Quartz Straat hoor ek ‘n meisie my roep,
Daar’s ‘n Hare Krishna wat vra wat ek soek
En ken ek vir Jesus? Vra ‘n man op die stoep,
Tussen Hillbrow records en Estoril Books
En dis lank na twaalfuur,
En die Hillbrow toring stuur
Sy seine in die nag, sy sein in die nag,
Sy sein vir die junkies wat wag, o

Song “Gee Jou Hart Vir Hillbrow” by Johannes Kerkorrel




Anyone remember the first Estoril book store in Hillbrow. Next to that tandoori chicken place?

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Jou sente, jou drome, joe toekoms vol gate.
By Andries Bezuidenhout

“Vlieswolke vanoggend, regte Hoëveldherfs. Iemand stuur ʼn link aan na ʼn video van Leonard Cohen – ʼn lied oor die Chelsea Hotel in New York wat hy vir Janis Joplin geskryf het. Ek dink weer oor die Chelsea Hotel waaroor Johannes Kerkorrel geskryf het. Die een in Hillbrow. Ek het onlangs daaroor in ʼn rubriek geskryf:”

Hillbrow voel soos ‘n vreemde land. So min van die ou landmerke is oor. Fontana is ‘n franchise in die voorstede. Estoril Books het elders heen getrek.

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