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An explosive, hard hitting expose which delves into the mass systemic corruption in South African sport which is shattering the dreams of the country’s athletes who are silenced by draconian codes of conduct. The author is former CNN International Sports anchor turned investigative sports journalist, Graeme Joffe who had to flee his native South Africa, fearing for his safety. He returned to the USA where he applied for political asylum. Joffe was a lone crusader for seven years with a big target on his back as he reported without fear or favor. Top ranking government officials, administrators, coaches, companies, media and friends are named and shamed. It was a dark and lonely crusade in a country which has little to no culture of investigative sports journalism. More than 20 years into the country’s democracy, the corrupt have destroyed Nelson Mandela’s incredible legacy and his immortal words: “Sport has the power to change the world.” The book details: How the author got into investigative sports journalism and the dangers of being a whistle-blower. The corruption in numerous sporting codes led by the South African Olympic Committee (SASCOC). SASCOC sued the author in his personal capacity for defamation for
R21.1 million (about $1.5 million) to try to bully, silence and cripple him financially. It was a malicious prosecution! The SA Rugby president opened a criminal defamation case against Joffe, wanting him to be arrested as soon as he sets foot back in South Africa. There were numerous legal threats from those who had something to hide and didn’t like to be exposed. How the International sporting federations, “big boys clubs” eg. IOC, FIFA have led by such a poor example and turn a blind eye in the buddy buddy system. World renowned auditors, marketing, media and other companies have played a key role in the capture of South African sport. Why South Africa is a perennial under achiever on the Olympic stage. A very different background and view on Oscar Pistorius (the blade-runner) and the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. It was a “political decision” to send Oscar to the Olympic Games in London! Drug testing? The author being spied on, followed, illegally phone tapped and his emails were hacked. An anonymous fake website was created to defame and discredit the whistle-blower. The 2022 Commonwealth Games embarrassment – Durban won the bid but was then stripped of the rights to host. Joffe warned the Commonwealth Games Federation but it fell on deaf ears. How SA bribed its way to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup – all the dirty players. A chance meeting with the FBI in Cincinnati. The abuse and grand theft of National Lottery funding whilst athletes have to pay their own way and charities are suffering. Sexual harassment and alleged rape cover ups by sports people with power. Television and mobile rights – dirty tenders? Blacklisted from sporting events. The detrimental mix of sport and politics. Racism, quotas and the lack of transformation. Defamation insurance – good or bad? The addiction of investigative journalism and how it changes ones life. Fighting for what’s right and standing up for the truth. Has sports betting aided the scourge of corruption? Trying to make a difference with a social responsibility project, Township TV which changed the lives of so many with free entertainment 365 days of the year. Fleeing South Africa, going underground, the get-away and not knowing who to trust, if anyone. The police file goes missing and the roller-coaster waiting for arrests which never happened. Application process for political asylum, making a new life and starting again in the USA. Living a boys dream of teaching tennis and caddying on an island. Poking the bear on social media from a distance and not giving up the fight. Having no regrets, vindication and hoping for a better future for SA’s sportsmen and women who deserve so much better. And on the lighter side, the author was the “Bachelor” – well kind of!

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